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If you’re looking for the most experience, highest rated website design in Fresno, you’ve come to the right place.

Colorstone Marketing has a full team of digital marketing and web designers that collaborate on your site to produce not only the most beautiful site, but one that will actually get found by search engines.

We don’t just build pretty sites. We’re experts at Search Engine Optimization and your site will start as an SEO-optimized website from the very first day. It’s not uncommon for our clients to start showing up locally for their search terms even without any ongoing SEO. 

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Fresno website design services

At Colorstone Marketing, we realize the importance of your online business presence. That’s why we take the time to not only build a site that matches your style and brand, we also optimize your site to be found by search engines.

We have our web design process down to a science. We use WordPress for most projects, walk you through getting a domain name, hosting, and giving you passwords and ownership for everything. Many companies will hold you hostage with monthly maintenance fees. If you cancel, you may lose all of your work and have to start over.

With us, we make sure that you own everything – your domain, site, hosting, etc.

You also have access to the back end of your site at all times and we even show you how to use the site so you can make changes yourself when you want without having to call anyone.

We do our best to make things as simple as possible for you, deliver fast, and always give you the best product.  

Fresno web design – process overview

Our web design process is streamlined and completely hands off for you. We have an initial consultation call that lets us gather all of the information we need to build your site.

During the call, we discuss your vision for your website. We come up with the look and feel you want, which content you want on your site, number of pages, images you like, etc.

From there, our team will begin writing the content, building the structure of your website, purchasing images (unless you have images you want used), building contact forms, and connecting all of your social accounts to name a few things.

Once we’ve built the site, we then do on-page SEO work to ensure your site is Google friendly. This includes optimizing your titles, meta descriptions, keywords, etc. We also ensure that your site is responsivel and works well on all devices.

From there, we send you the site for final corrections. We make the corrections and push your site live.

There are only two points when you have to be involved:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. To review the site for final revisions

Beyond that, everything is done for you and completely hands-off. It takes no time and you get an exceptional website to launch your business online.

What do our Fresno web design services include?

Our team of digital marketers and website designers work hard to ensure you get the best website both from a design perspective as well as a functional perspective.

With that, we do quite a few things with every web design project.

We install WordPress and a premium starting theme. 

We then perform research to determine the keywords we should be including on your site (this matters when it comes to search engine rankings). Our content creators will write all of the content for you and we will optimize that content to ensure its exceptional.

We also provide commercially licensed photos for your website project, optimize your site from an SEO perspective, install extra security measures on your site to prevent hacking, and connect your various social media channels to your site.

These are just a few of the things that go into your site. We can do anything you wish and there are infinite site designs that can be created.

We can also build your site with eCommerce functionality if you sell products online.

SEO Website Optimization

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a broad term used to encompass the many tasks that go into properly optimizing your website for search engines.

At Colorstone Marketing, we are Search Engine Specialists.

This means your site will not only be build to look great, it will also function great!

Our SEO approach to your website starts at the beginning of your project. From the content we write to the competitive research we perform, we ensure that your site stands its best chance of showing up first in Google.

We optimize your website for speed, we structure your meta tags properly, optimize your meta descriptions, ensure your site architecture makes sense, that all of your pages are interlinked, and a whole lot more.

There’s a lot that goes into it but we know that every detail counts and do all this work for you.

Website Content Creation

Content creation is one of those things that everyone can do, but few can do well. Technically, most of us went to school and we know how to write a paper or informative piece that conveys information.

However, when it comes to writing for web, its a whole different style. The tonality is often more conversational, sentences more punchy, and the structure of the writing is often very different than it would be with traditional writing.

Fortunately, our team of writers specialize in writing for web and know exactly what to do.

We can match any tone necessary and make sure to create content that both conveys your value and connects with your reader. Whether you’re an attorney with a more sophisticated clientele or a plumber speaking to Average Joe, we have it handled.

If you prefer to write your own content for your website, that’s okay too. We can always use your content if you prefer to go that route with your website.

Customized Style

There are as many website styles as there are people on the planet. Often, we find it best to look at a few different sites that you like and discuss what you like/dislike about them. Once we have a good sampling of the elements you prefer, we can build out your mock-up from there with the design elements you love.

If you have a completely different style and there’s nothing like it, don’t sweat it. We can create some designs based on your description and revise them until we get it right.

No matter what your branding, industry, or preferred style are, we can make a site that exceeds your expectations.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is included in our web design packages. Unlike some companies that may not know as much about Search Engine Optimization, we see the importance from both an SEO and user experience perspective.

When we build your website, we test it to make sure it functions properly on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Having a responsively designed website is something that Google is placing more value on because around 50% of searches take place on mobile today. Its also something that your customers will pay attention to since half of them will visit your website from their cell phones.

With that, we make sure your site is properly optimized for mobile and looks great on all devices. You won’t be charged more money for mobile optimization and we’ll ensure your site looks excellent on every computer, cell phone, and tablet that a potential client could be viewing from.

eCommerce Website Design

If you sell products online then you’re going to want to set up an eCommerce store. This is something we’ve done for many clients because it gives you the opportunity to sell products via social media, YouTube, and anywhere else you want. 

With an eCommerce store, you can post about products on your social channels and link back to your store for people to buy. 

We have the ability to add your eCommerce store to any website. We can also use a variety of platforms to build your site if you have one that you prefer. To get pricing for eCommerce websites, give us a call today. 

Analytics, Tracking & Reporting

It’s important that you understand how much traffic your website brings in and which pages are responsible for those visits. At Colorstone, we install Google Analytics code on your website and integrate your Google Search Console. With these two tools combined, you have access to data that can transform your digital strategies and make a huge difference in your success online. Our team will show you how to use this information to make informed, data driven decisions to drive traffic and leads through your website. 

Joomla, Shopify, Wix, Weebly & Other Sites

If you have an existing website and need a design update and/or content added to your site, we have you covered. We work on all major website platforms and even some that aren’t listed here. 

We often start our web design clients on WordPress if they’re just starting out because its the largest website provider, the most flexible, great from an SEO perspective, and the most stable platform. However, we work with clients in all industries regardless of the platform they’re using. So if you have a site already built on another website provider or prefer that we use this platform for you site, you can rest assured that our team of experienced web designers can handle this for you. 

Why Colorstone Marketing?

We do everything from the very beginning in your best interest. This means we maintain 100% transparency through the entire process. We build your site on the most stable platform, SEO optimize your site from the beginning, maintain communication throughout the process, and ensure that you maintain control of all of your assets. 

We ensure you keep control of your hosting, domain, and all of the work we do on your behalf is owned by you.  We never trap you with expensive management fees and we’ll even record videos just for you to show you how to update and add things to your website. 

This transparent web design process is the reason so many of our clients send us referrals. After working with us, you’ll never go to another web design or marketing agency again. 

Why Invest In Professional Web Design in Fresno?

Here are the options:

  1. Build your own website
  2. Hire someone
  3. Don’t get a website 

When it comes to website design, it takes time and effort to learn how to properly build websites. And you’ll inevitably end up wasting your time and getting a sub-par website that doesn’t convert, is slow, and doesn’t bring you any leads. 

Deciding not to get a website is worse than using a cheap website builder. These days, if you don’t have a website, the majority of people aren’t going to take you seriously or do business with you. If you’re using a Facebook page as your site, it seems lazy and unprofessional. Even if you get a very simple one-page website, its better than nothing.

Hire a pro. This is definitely the way to go for 99.9% of business owners. By hiring a professional web designer, you get the problem off your plate entirely. When you hire us, you can go about your day building your business. We do everything for you and you know the site is built correctly so it won’t break with the next update. It’s really the best option and an investment into your business. 

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