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Social Media Advertising Services That Get Results

Facebook and Instagram advertising is an extremely effective way to generate leads and sales regardless of your industry or business. At Colorstone Marketing, we excel at creating campaigns that generate cash flow positive results. Whether you’re just starting out with Social Media Advertising or you’ve been running ads for a while and hit a plateau, we’ll help you go to the next level in your business. Book an expert review with us now. 

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About Our Social Media Advertising Services

Social media ads like those you see on Facebook and Instagram are one of the most effective ways to target your audience based on their interests, habits, and behaviors. With a dialed in campaign, we can put your offers in front of the right buyers when they’re looking to make a buying decision. 

Social media ads are also a very effective way to make sure your business is omnipresent – meaning that no matter where your clients go – there you are. We leverage the power of social media ads for primary lead generation and sales campaigns as well as highly effective retargeting campaigns to make sure your business is top of mind and right there when your client is ready to make a decision.

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Why work

With an Agency?

Social media advertising can be complicated and it’s quite easy to waste both time and money. It’s likely that you’ve already launched campaigns and ads before on your own. Maybe you got some results for a while that died off or maybe they never really got going. Many business owners try social ads and erroneously conclude that they just don’t work for their business. 

In actuality, there are very few businesses that social media ads won’t work for. Think about it – there are billions of people on social media. If your audience isn’t on there – it doesn’t exist. 

Working with a professional agency allows you to buy the expertise of individuals who spend millions of dollars in advertising, testing, and fine-tuning their skills – for a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a professional of this caliber. Also, you don’t just get that person working on your account – you get the team. 

A quality agency will not just get you better results from your advertising campaigns, they’ll constantly test ads, scale your campaigns, and help you take your company to the next level. At Colorstone Marketing, we handle everything for you. There’s no need to hire and train an employee, enter into long contracts, or do anything other than work the deals that come in. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Why Social Media Advertising?

1. Results come quick

It takes us about a week to do the research and set your campaigns up. The day that they’re launched, we start getting impressions and clicks on your ads. From there, we can very quickly fine-tune your campaigns to improve results. 

2. It’s cost-effective

With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can reach your target market affordably. The people who click on your ads are only the people who are actually interested in your offer – meaning we can retarget those people and build custom look-alike audiences to bring in more people with those same characteristics. More traditional forms of advertising like billboards, commercials, and print can’t even come close to the level of results we’re able to achieve with Facebook & IG ads. Further, you can control how much you spend every day, week, or month so you can scale your campaigns up and down based on performance. 

3. Flexibility

With a billboard, commercial, print media or other traditional forms of advertising, once the ad is out there, that’s it. You can’t change the billboard next week if it doesn’t work. With social media ads, we can change your ads constantly to refine your results and reduce wasted ad spend.  

4. You can track results

One of the biggest benefits of social media ads and digital marketing in general is that you can track every part of your campaign. When we run your ads, we’re able to tie clicks to calls and visits to leads so we can see exactly how well the ads are performing. We optimize based on this data to get better and better results making this an extremely powerful way to get clients.  

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