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Sacramento SEO Beat Your Competitors & Get More Leads

You’ve already heard about SEO and how powerful it can be for your business. But you’ve likely already tried one of the cheap so-called SEO agencies and didn’t get results. Fortunately, we’re about to change that for you. 

At Colorstone Marketing, we specialize in lead generation marketing. This means we’re absolute experts at SEO and we go the extra mile to do all of the work required to get you results. From keyword research to content marketing and link building, our team will deliver and track the results at every step of the journey. 

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About Local SEO

Local SEO revolves around two properties of yours – your Google My Business page and your website. These two work in tandem to help you dominate your local SERPs. When we take on SEO for a client, we work on both properties as part of our standard package because we know this is what it takes to get results. If you’d like to have an expert review your SEO, website, and GMB properties, reach out to us and we can schedule a 30-minute Zoom call where one of our experts can show you what needs to happen for your website. 

Local SEO

Complete SEO Analysis

When starting any SEO campaign, we begin by conducting an exhaustive review of your website, assessing the competitive landscape, and scrutinizing numerous on-site and off-site elements. This comprehensive examination provides us with a deep understanding of your standing relative to your competitors and highlights your unique competitive edge.

Further components of our review include:

included with every local seo package

Effective SEO for Sacramento Businesses

SEO is competitive in the Sacramento area, regardless of the industry. That’s why we follow a strict process for every aspect of your campaign. From the keyword research to the content, internal linking, and backlinks, our team knows what it takes to bring your business to the top of the search results for your most valuable keywords. We begin each client’s campaign by identifying the primary competitors in the search results and maps. With this information, we can benchmark your website and authority against theirs to make a plan that will surpass them in the search engines.

Every SEO campaign includes: 

Technical SEO

One of the first things we do is to audit every facet of your website to identify quick win opportunities. During this process, we find anything that could be blocking search engine crawlers, causing navigation issues for your clients, and resulting in less than stellar SEO results for your business. These can include:

  • Missing title tags
  • Improper site structure
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Lack of proper keywords in the body
  • etc.  

Those are just a few of the issues we run into on nearly every website. These are metrics that search engines pay attention to and it’s important to get all of these items properly optimized. We go through your site with a fine-toothed comb to find the on-page elements that are out of order and we fix them. Your site is the foundation for any SEO strategy so it’s imperative that we keep it healthy. That’s what our on-site optimizations do for you.

SEO Optimized Content Creation

The power of content marketing and writing is harnessed to boost your site’s authority and enhance brand visibility, as perceived by Google. This is achieved by regularly publishing one or several SEO-optimized articles on your site, a common strategy in internet marketing that aids businesses in achieving a higher ranking in search results. This is a standard feature in all our SEO packages and critical to the SEO process. The synergy between SEO and digital marketing becomes apparent in content creation, which is why it forms an integral part of our service.

The goal of our monthly content development isn’t merely to produce aesthetically pleasing articles for your website, but to create, rank, and deliver value to your customers, bolster lead generation, and amplify brand recognition in the local sphere. Our content strategy is entirely evergreen and long-term, anchored in keyword search volume, advanced keyword research, brand awareness, and is fully immune to Google updates. We advocate this strategy for any local enterprise.

Implementing this SEO strategy over time will lend authority to your Sacramento-based web content. We also interlink your content, a strategy that has proven successful in helping our small business clients in Sacramento achieve high rankings for even their most sought-after keywords.

On-page SEO

Each keyword targeted by our Sacramento-based local SEO agency undergoes stringent page optimization. We guarantee that every service page and blog post we publish is optimized for your keywords following the finest SEO practices.

As experienced SEO specialists in Sacramento, we know that On-Page optimization encompasses elements like the title, meta data, URL structure, schema data, headers, content, and occasionally, design elements. The objective is to ensure that Google’s algorithm identifies you as the top authority and resource in your geographical area and industry sector. This is a monthly service included in your Sacramento SEO package.

off-page SEO

A crucial factor for your Sacramento business to rank on Google search is possessing a higher domain authority than your local competitors. The articles and pages we create are impressive, but their ability to rank higher in the long run is limited if Google does not perceive your site as authoritative.

We gradually establish this authority by creating links from other websites to yours, utilizing our backlink outreach, guest postings, business listings, and partner networks. Link building is incorporated into several of our SEO plans. If you encounter Sacramento-based SEO companies unfamiliar with link building, offering low-cost services in a competitive niche, it’s best to steer clear (we often have to rectify the issues caused by such service providers).

Note: If you operate in a competitive Google search landscape, building links is imperative for your SEO campaign and strategy. Be sure to discuss link SEO strategies with your SEO expert for lasting results, as they will assist you in achieving superior ranking.

In essence, these methods require significant time, finances, and effort but are incorporated into all our Sacramento SEO campaigns.

google my business/google maps optimization

Our SEO services in Sacramento also source leads through your Google My Business (abbreviated as GMB). This strategy, known as “local SEO,” is crucial for drawing new clientele to your local businesses.

Your GMB listing will appear whenever someone searches for your Sacramento business brand or company name on Google. With appropriate optimization, your GMB has the potential to rank in the top three map pack search listings. We optimize your GMB listing, including categories, address, phone number, operating hours, images, and more, guided by data-driven competitor analysis.

Securing a spot in the 3-pack on Google maps necessitates citation building. Citations are references to your business (such as Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, etc). They may not contribute much link value but are influential in local rankings. We conduct an audit of your existing citations to ensure consistency between them and your GMB.

conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) entails refining your web pages, blog posts, and overall website design to enhance user experience and thereby increase your conversion rate. 

Page speed is one factor that impacts conversion. While web development, graphic design, and a visually appealing site are desirable, if your web pages take more than 10 seconds to load, users are likely to abandon your page and visit a competitor’s. SEO and website design experts optimize conversion goals to generate leads and validate your website rank to Google (given their increasing emphasis on site speed).

Our CRO enhances your site’s lead generation potential and provides precise insights into which elements on your site are effective or ineffective, enabling adjustments and subsequent CRO testing. Note: not all local SEOs incorporate this in their digital marketing service campaigns!

The objective of SEO extends beyond mere vanity rankings on Google. What’s the point of ranking #1 for your keyword on the search engine results page if your site fails to convert your web visitors into active participants? We optimize our clients’ websites for email form submissions, live chat, phone call conversions, and more!

Detailed Tracking

One of the best things about SEO is that you CAN track every detail of the campaigns. Business owners often don’t realize that SEO can be tied directly to the revenue because the previous SEO company didn’t set up proper tracking. When we set up your SEO campaigns, we’re able to track everything – from views to phone calls and form submissions. Armed with this data, you can know how well your websites converting, how many people you need to see your pages in order to get a client, the quality of the current target market and much more. 

Monthly Reporting

Each month we’ll report to you with all of the most important numbers. If you’re currently using an SEO company for your Sacramento business and NOT getting reports, then how can you know if your marketing is effective? With Colorstone Marketing, we take pride in being transparent and showing you everything that’s going on including: 

How can local SEO positively impact your business?

If you own a a business and you’re not investing in SEO, then you’re missing out on a MAJOR opportunity. There is no marketing channel with a higher ROI than SEO. It’s one of the main drivers of new business for local businesses throughout Sac and the ones who are ranking at the top of the search engines are always getting new clients – even during the slow season. The best move you can make right now is to speak with one of our SEO experts. They can get on a 30-minute Zoom call with you and show you exactly what’s going on with your website, GMB page, and much more. They can also show you what it’s going to take for you to beat the competition and how many new clients you should expect to see each month once you’re ranking well. 


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