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We offer complete, white hat local SEO services guaranteed to produce trackable results. We’re not another generic SEO company trying their hand in digital marketing. We do this every day and know how to get results for our clients. 

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When you need SEO that helps you grow and scale your Riverside, CA business, you want Colorstone Marketing on your side. We specialize in search engine optimization for local home services and multi-location franchises. Whether your goal is to rank in your city or cover the state, we deliver results that you can see in your bottom line. 

Riverside SEO Experts

Complete Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

We can help you dominate the results for your business and industry locally. Whether you’re a carpet cleaning business or a wellness center, it doesn’t matter because we can help any business. We have the skills to get you to the top of the page when people are searching.  

Riverside is a large city with a growing population and there is a lot of competition from a digital marketing perspective. The businesses at the top in Google search results are almost always the one’s getting the most leads, with the most sales, and making the most money. 

Our Riverside SEO professionals can help you be the top business in local search. It’s important to note that when you own a local business, you don’t have to compete with large corporations for national search traffic. Instead, you can dominate your local Riverside market and get real leads that want to do business with you. It takes less time, less money, and its ultimately the most effective strategy for local businesses – even those with multiple locations.

included with every local seo package

Why Local SEO Matters in Riverside

Riverside is a bustling metropolis experiencing a surge in population. In any city of this magnitude, competition for Google search results is fierce. Everyone is striving to be at the top.

This high level of competition makes it challenging for an average business owner without an SEO company to stand out. Their website gets relegated to Google’s second page, where hardly anyone ventures. Thus, their site fails to generate leads, and they settle for considering their website as merely a digital “business card”.

However, the truth is, those businesses that rank at the top are generating leads every single day from their websites. Their website isn’t just a business card, but a potent lead-generating powerhouse worth significant money!

Local SEO isn’t just about your website. The Google map pack, which is further elaborated below, also plays a crucial role. These are the three results shown in the small pack at the top of the search engine page, which receives most of the local phone calls.

Our Riverside SEO services aim to optimize both your website and your Google My Business Page, helping you appear in the map pack.

We strive to make you the leading business in your industry and ensure your absolute domination online!

What our Riverside SEO Packages Include

Google my business set up and optimization

One of the first things we set up (if you don’t already have one) is your Google My Business Page (GMB). This is the page that shows up in the map pack with your reviews next to it.

You can see that there are only three businesses that show up. These three are showing up for a number of reasons including:

  1. They have claimed their Google Business page.
  2. They have lots of local citations.
  3. They have reviews.
  4. They have links to their website.

We need all of these factors in order to locally improve your map pack rank. By optimizing your Google Business page, we’re able to get you to the top just like these businesses so you’re the one getting the calls.

And don’t worry if you don’t know what all that means. It’s something we take care of for you so you don’t have to worry.

Submitting your business info to other local sites

We submit your business name, address, phone, and a description to a variety of relevant websites to help you gain citations and increase your rank in the map pack. These sites include Bing, Yelp, CitySearch, Apple Maps, Ezlocal, and more.

Chances are you already have some of these citations from mentions in local websites and possibly even local newspapers. Even if you don’t though, we get these for you. 

On-site optimization for your website

Your website serves as the bedrock for all your SEO strategies. Consequently, our initial task involves a comprehensive review of your site to identify and rectify any on-site errors that could obstruct our optimal outcomes. Such errors may include:

  • Broken links
  • Slow loading speeds
  • Absence of title tags and meta descriptions
  • Incorrect redirects
  • And many more

Moreover, we ensure your website content is fine-tuned to appear in local searches. To achieve this, we examine your competitors and conduct keyword research to determine which phrases yield the highest search volume. This researched information is then incorporated into your website, enhancing its visibility for these popular terms. This is merely a glimpse of our efforts to guarantee your website’s optimization and efficiency.

Local content writing

Google is going to look at the content that’s on your website and then match that up with what people are searching. That’s the simplified version of what a “search engine” does.

With that, having local content that’s hyper targeted to your industry helps you establish your company as an authority in the space.

When you work with us, our content team writes content specifically for your website targeting terms related to your business. This helps you show up first in the results when people are searching from their phones and desktops.

Keyword optimization

Writing content is only the beginning. When we create content, whether blogs or pages on your site, it’s always a part of the overall strategy. We make sure your content is about topics people are searching for and make sure it has the proper keywords and subtopics within the content. This includes not only the words we want to show up for but synonyms and related terms as well.

Title optimization

Captivating titles get people to click on your page when it shows up. We also make sure our target keyword is contained in the title. In addition to great titles, we take the time to craft well-written descriptions designed to encourage more people to click on your listing.

Content & content updates

Publishing new content and regularly updating your content is key to keeping your results on top. We update your content several times throughout the year and republish to ensure you always have the most relevant and timely information on your site. Google loves this and it’s proven to help rankings.

Image alt tags

Google can’t see what your pictures are so it’s important to include relevant alt text on every image. We go through your entire media library and add proper image descriptions to each image on your site. When the images are relevant to the topic being covered by your page, they increase the value of that page. When there’s no alt text, Google basically ignores them making them far less valuable.

Local link building

Getting links is a high priority for SEO. It’s one of the largest contributing factors to getting your site to the top of the search results. Yes, you have to have everything else we’ve mentioned here but, without links, you won’t rank in a competitive town like Riverside, California. 

Fortunately, we handle all of the link building for you. We know the types of links you’re going to need and we get those links to your site. It’s one of the most difficult parts of SEO to do properly and important that you work with experts that do it the right way. 

How can local SEO positively impact your business?

Local SEO can be a game changer for your business. In fact, we’ve worked with companies that went from a few calls a month on their website to multiple calls every day. This makes a huge difference in the number of deals you close and the revenue you generate with your business. And with a town like Riverside, CA that has over 200,000 population, there are searches every day for almost any industry we have in town. Another perk is that once your site is ranked at the top, you’re going to keep getting calls for a very long time even if you stop working on it. When you compare this to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, any print marketing and almost anything else you can think of, SEO gives you a huge advantage. With other forms of advertising, you stop getting leads if you stop spending money. With Search Engine Optimization, the leads keep coming often for years after you’ve done the work.


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