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Project Overview

PSM Pools is a pool service in Modesto, California. They started with us from the very beginning. We built the site, wrote the content, and performed all of the SEO for the website. We brought them from no internet presence to the number one pool service in Modesto. 

Making Them #1

SEO is the process of bringing a website from where it currently is up to the top of the Google rankings. Pool Service Modesto had no internet presence and, as a result, was relying solely on grassroots promotion. While there’s a place for this type of promotion, it wasn’t panning out as well as they had hoped.

They partnered with Colorstone Marketing to develop 100% of their online presence. We built them a new website, wrote comprehensive keyword optimized content, and performed all of their outreach to make them a local powerhouse. We optimized their social media pages and Google My Business pages as well to rank them in several positions on page one.

We developed a customized strategy for PSM Pools from the very beginning that was designed to take them from a barely known company to the first one locals think about when they need pool service. It took about ten months to get them to the number one spot which has payed off in spades.

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