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Project Overview

Big Dave came to us after already growing one pest control company which he sold to Terminix. Looking for a follow-up exit, he has entrusted Colorstone Marketing to help him bring in clients via SEO. 

The company that he had previously worked with created over 100 dynamically generated pages of content that were duplicates of each other. We uncreated these pages, redirected them to the most relevant local landing pages, and then optimized the new landing pages.

The result? Big Dave’s now gets real, targeted, local clients that pay him every month for pest control. He is dominating in his areas and the areas we’re targeting for him. AKA – he’s making money from our campaigns. 

Big Dave's Texas Pest Control

Pest Control SEO

If you’re working with or have worked with a cheap SEO company in the past, chances are they have done more harm than good. Big Dave’s Pest Control is a prime example. He spent a few hundred dollars per month for an “SEO” company that built over 100 pages of duplicate content.

As a result, we have had to work hard for months to undo the damage done by that company. Don’t fall for it. If you think you’re going to hire a cheap SEO company that’s going to outperform us, you’re fooling yourself. SEO takes work. It takes real man-hours from skilled workers. There are no shortcuts here. Give us a call if you’re serious about winning in your business and being number one in your area. 

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