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Project Overview

Andy Howard’s was a small pest control company referred to us by another one of our pest control clients. When we began, they had a basic one page Wix website and weren’t showing up for anything – not even when you Googled their company name. 

We built them a completely new WordPress website. We performed competitive analysis and we’ve been working steadily on building out content for their website. This project has just started and we’ve already brought them from 0 visits per month to almost 100 local visitors per month in an extremely competitive area. 

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Local SEO In A Highly Competitve Area

We built Andy Howard’s a new site in the first month. But, in addition to that, we’re building them a ton of new content and links. When it’s all said and done, they will dominate Austin, Texas for pest control – which is worth millions of dollars per year.

There are few markets in the United States more competitive than Austin. If we can do this for Andy Howard’s, in one of the most competitive spaces in America, imagine what we can do for you. 

Give us a call right now for a free strategy session. What are you waiting for? Do NOT let money stop you. Trust me (Brad the owner speaking now) I will work with you to help you win – just call now! 

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